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The chakras of the body are ‘wheels’ that allow powerful life energy (sometimes known as chi or prana) to flow through the body. Each of the chakras, or energy centres, of the body, is associated with different colours, oils, crystals and other items that are traditionally used to help open up and unblock the chakras. Crystals are some of the most powerful tools in helping powerful and popular crystals that many people find themselves instinctively drawn to is clear quartz. Clear quartz is most often associated with the crown chakra. Let’s take a look at how the crown chakra can be balanced by clear quartz.


What is Clear Quartz?

Cluster of clear quartz

All forms of quartz are hard crystal minerals made up mostly of silicon and oxygen. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Other chemical elements can change the colour of the crystalline mineral, but clear quartz is free from these colours even though different samples may vary in how transparent it is.


What is the Crown Chakra?

Vector illustration with symbol chakra Sahasrara on white background

The crown chakra, which is also known as the Sahasrar, is associated with your spiritual self. It is this part of ourselves that embodies our intuition and our inspiration. This means this chakra is intricately connected to the higher self, the centre of your true spiritual potential. It is through the crown chakra that divine, or spiritual, inspiration is received, and through the crown chakra that your true intentions and desires are emitted into the universe.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and is considered to be the highest of the chakras. It is believed that this is the energy centre that links each person to all other people and things in the universe as part of a great energetic network through which we are all linked and connected. The crown chakra is considered as part of our subtle energetic bodies that connect to the collective consciousness of human beings, which leads us to our true purpose in life and provides the opportunity for spiritual awakening. It is also linked to knowledge, both knowledge of the wider physical world, the hidden spiritual world and knowledge of one’s self, which is important for development and reaching a state of fulfilment. This particular chakra is associated with the colours purple and white or clear.


How Does Clear Quartz Work with the Crown Chakra?

The master healing stone

People often use clear quartz as a healing stone or for increasing the power of other crystals so that they have a more powerful vibrational effect. Clear quartz is sometimes referred to as the master stone or the master healing stone. In fact, clear quartz can be used to help unblock and cleanse all of the main seven chakras located through the human body. However, it has a special connection with the crown chakra. When clear quartz is used with the crown chakra, it helps clear away the congestion within the chakra. It clears away any mental congestion or confusion that might be clouding the judgement or stopping you from making a connection with your truly powerful inner self. So one of the first things you may notice when working with clear quartz is a sense of clarity, improved cognitive function and even better ability to focus and remember.

Quartz is known as a powerful amplifier of energy. This is how it is able to eradicate congestion and blockages or cleanse the chakra, allowing the powerful life force energy to flow through the chakra and throughout the body. If there is too much energy, a clear quartz crystal will help to regulate it. The effects on the physical body are reported as improving immunity and general wellbeing.


The Benefits of a Clear Crown Chakra

Girl calm and meditating by the water with clear quartz

When a chakra is cleansed, free from congestion and allowing energy to flow through effectively, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person all benefit. An open crown chakra can help you feel balanced emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It can help you to feel more connected to your spiritual side and more able to connect to the energy around you. This leads to a sense of contentment as you realize that you are part of the great oneness of the universe and feel able to rise above the challenges of everyday life with renewed passion and confidence.


How to Use Clear Quartz

Female hand pointing a clear quartz terminated crystal

At the most basic level, simply having some clear quartz in the home and interacting with it in your daily life is a good first step towards using it to heal and cleanse the crown chakra. Using clear quartz in your daily practice of meditation is a good way to increase your vibrational energy. To do this, simply hold the crystal while you meditate and use this as an opportunity to seek spiritual clarity; you might like to meditate on your spiritual life or repeat a carefully chosen mantra that reaffirms your spiritual belief.

You may also choose to use quartz in reiki or in another healing practice such as chakra massage. Simply placing the crystal on your head while you massage the temples or release the tension in the neck is a good form of self-massage (just be careful and use a small stone that isn’t going to hurt you or cause damage if it falls).

It makes sense that the best way to use clear quartz to open up the crown chakra is to place the crystal close to the crown itself, which is located at the very top of the head. You may like to place some quartz at the head of your bed, under your pillow or by your head while you bathe.

However, you choose to use clear quartz. Simply add it to your daily life, and using it as a focal point for expressing yourself spiritually and seeking greater spiritual awareness and clarity can be an excellent way to increase the power of your intentions and help to create a sense of balance.

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