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Scalar Light

Coming To



26th – 29th May


SEC, Glasgow, Scotland

Scalar Light will be at Stand: B242

About The Ideal Home Show

Images: Shows the Ideal Home Show a long time ago and recently…This Show has been around a long time!

Since 1908 this show’s been all about home innovation. From the design of your kitchen, to the food you cook in it. From your garden daisies to the latest technology for sustainable living.

Owing the oldest consumer event in the world, visited by royals and loved by the British public is a great responsibility. So not only have we kept it running but we’ve also rejuvenated and developed it even further, delivering Spring and Christmas editions to audiences in London, Scotland and China.

The toaster. The microwave. The vacuum cleaner. The electric kettle and lawn mower. What do they all have in common? They were all launched at the Ideal Home Show.

We Are Bringing Innovation In Quantum Wellness To Scotland In 2022

Scalar Light is the quantum energy emitted from the stars of the universe. Now that we know how to harness it, we are able to encode information into the light with our patented device. We then apply the light to a photograph of a person, animal, plant or object to enhance healing, health and wellness. At the show, we will be offering everyone a FREE 15-day trial (no credit or debit card required). We will also be able to discuss how Scalar Light works and answer any questions you may have. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our website for more information and you can even sign up to a FREE trial right now!

*Only one facial photo require per person, duplicate photos will be deleted

*All free trials are available ONE time, per individual. Feel free to share this website with friends and family, to encourage them to also take advantage of our Free Trial. Each adult is responsible for uploading their own photo for the trial. You may, however, include photos of your children (under the age of 18) as well as family pets. Please know that duplicate registrations will be cancelled. If you feel you are declined in error, contact