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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of photograph do you need for Scalar Light Energy Sessions?

Scalar Light energy sessions rely on the use of a photograph. This should be a photograph of your face, but it doesn’t have to be recent or even in good condition. Any photograph of your face will contain the light signature required for Scale Light to communicate informationally to you. The age of the person when the photograph was taken is irrelevant; it doesn’t matter if it is a ‘good’ photograph or not.

How can I send my photograph to you?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply upload your photo to your account. As soon as you make a payment, you will receive emails from us. You will receive a request for you to upload your chosen photograph. When this has been accepted, you will receive a notification to let you know that your photograph submission has been successful. Your Scalar Light Energy Session will begin the following morning. Once your program is complete, you will automatically be unsubscribed, unless you wish to continue with a new subscription or join our SCALAR INSIDER newsletter. We take your privacy and security very seriously and all photographs and correspondence are destroyed once the program ends.

Do I have to tell someone that I am sending their photograph for a Scalar Light session?

Yes. Consent is very important. It is essential that whoever is to receive the Scalar Light Energy has been made fully aware of it. Every participant must give their express consent before they can be included. The only exception to this would be for children or those who are not able to give their consent for reasons of cognitive impairment, but who might benefit from receiving Scalar Light. In these cases, you should have responsibility for the person;s care.

Can group photographs be used for Scalar Light Sessions?

Yes! Group photographs are suitable for use in Scalar Light Energy Sessions. However, please be aware that if a group photograph is used, each person pictured within the group will receive the Scalar Light Energy. It is important to ensure that each member of the group is aware of this and that they have given their permission to be included in the Scalar Light session (see the previous question).

Can individual photographs be used for group Scalar Light sessions?

Yes. For group sessions, you can use a group photograph that includes everyone who is taking part in the Scalar Light session, or you can submit an individual photograph of each member of the group. A couple might submit a photograph of them together or two separate photographs and a larger group can choose between a single group photograph or many individual ones.

How can I arrange a Scalar Light Session for a group of people?

Simply select the number of participants when you are making your purchase. You will have the option to choose any number up to seven people who are to receive the Scalar Light energy. Or you can visit our dedicated group page and find others who are interested in joining in a group session to reduce costs. Check out the group page at If you want to set up a session for a group of more than seven individuals, then please contact and we will help facilitate this.


Will Scalar Light Energy compromise my current medical treatment or therapy?

Scalar Light will not interfere with medical treatment. It is pure, natural light from the sun and stars. This form of light energy is not a substitute or replacement for medical treatment and it will not stop your medical treatment from working. Scalar Light works in harmony with your body and any existing therapy you are undertaking.

Can you target Scalar Light to one specific body part?

We do not use Scalar Light to diagnose illness or evaluate health. Nor do we target specific parts of the body. Instead, Scalar Light communicates with the body at an informational level, and your body naturally determines how it can best make use of light energy. Each individual is different, we each have different needs, and so each body will respond to a Scalar Light Energy session in its own unique way with results varying from one person to another.

How does Scalar Light Energy Sessions differ from other healing techniques?

Scalar Light is a fundamental energy force that is emitted from the sun and stars. The Scalar Light instrument was developed by Tom Paladino to deliver this healing force in a unique way, working holistically with your body’s natural healing abilities to promote safe, natural healing. We understand that self-healing has not been comprehensively studied, and healing is, by its nature, difficult to measure. Individual results vary and this is why we offer trials – so that each individual can make an informed decision about the benefits of Scalar Light.

What is the Scalar Light Cleanse?

Scalar Light can be used to help the body detoxify, breaking down harmful substances that lower the body’s frequency and working with the natural cleansing process to eliminate toxins and restore the balance within the body. This can also enable the body to break down the bonds of biotoxins associated with certain germs.

Does the Scalar Light Cleanse result in a die-off reaction?

No. Scalar Light breaks substances down into harmless simple elemental forms, and this reduces the potential die-off reaction. The process is not a chemical one, it is a mechanical one. Toxins and unwanted substances are deconstructed and eliminated. Scalar Light operates at a quantum level; all matter responds to this absolute energy. Scalar Light does not include any medications or substances being introduced to the body. It is pure light energy. It therefore cannot cause a Herxheimer reaction or die-off. It is not intended to replace conventional medicine, but rather to support and boost the body’s natural healing and restoration processes.

Are there any reactions I can expect from the healing session?

Scalar Light Energy often had an immediate effect on the energy levels, sense of wellbeing and mood of those receiving it. Sometimes people will experience some tiredness or an increased need for sleep. This is a good sign that your body is using energy for healing. Occasionally, people undertaking Scalar Light Energy sessions experience some mild diarrhoea as their body eliminates toxins. Again, this is a sign that the body is working to heal and recover.

Should I continue with my usual health treatments?

Yes. This is very important, because Scalar Light Energy sessions encourage and support the body’s natural healing process. When you are already engaged in treating your health using a conventional medical treatment, Scalar Light works to accelerate the benefits. As a completely natural force, Scalar Light harnesses the fundamental power of the universe that gives life and energy to all things. It cannot do harm. It complements all other medical treatments including the use of medication, surgical interventions, alternative therapies, physical therapies, exercise programs and dietary measures. You should always follow the individually tailored health advice from your medical professionals. Never stop taking medication or stop a course of treatment without the express advice of your physician who knows you best. Scalar Light will further your medical treatment and help your body to heal.

Can you use Scalar Light to diagnose a health condition?

No. Scalar Light is not able to diagnose illness or offer health advice. The Scalar Light instrument is not a medical device, and it is not administered by a doctor. There are some biofield devices such as Biowell and the Biofield/Chakra viewer that have been designed to allow energy fields to be observed. Kirlian photography, made famous by Dr Valerie Hunt, has been doing this for decades. These are methods of observing the light that emits from all living things. The Scalar Light device is a method of transmitting light in informational form to living things.


What is the Scalar Light Nutrient Program?

The nutrient program has been designed to support the body’s ability to produce and absorb vital nutritional compounds. This program targets 315 essential substances including vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fatty acids, proteins, amino acids and hormones. Daily sessions aim to boost the health and wellbeing of participants by supporting these essential processes involved in the assembling of healthy nutrients and their efficient usage within the body.

What is the Chakra/Energy Balancing Program?

Chakras are the energy centres of the body. For thousands of years, they have been used by many different traditions and practices to help achieve optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When chakras or energy centres become blocked, dysfunction occurs. Blockages have to be removed and energy flow restored; this is the aim of many complementary therapies including reiki. Scalar Light delivers pure, vital energy to move through the body, cleansing and unblocking the chakras and balancing the energy of the body, without the need for any contact. 


Will a 30 day Scalar Light session be enough?

Many people find that a 30-day session of Scalar Light energy is enough to positively impact them, reducing the low energy elements and boosting healing for improved health and wellbeing. Other people may wish to continue with the sessions for a longer time. Some people want to extend the benefits, others need more help to manage chronic illness or support more complex healing. For programs such as the Nutritional program, or the Chakra/Energy Balancing, people may return to Scalar light for rebalancing or to boost their nutritional intake.

Will I feel Scalar Light during the sessions?

You may or may not feel the Scalar Energy as it is transmitted to your body during the sessions. Remember that this energy is not new or unusual to your body; it is the oldest, most natural and fundamental force in the universe. Your body knows it, welcomes it and knows how best to use it. However, some people will notice a difference when the Scalar Light session is underway. Think about how you feel when the sunlight shines on you, that wonderful sense of wellness that only comes from pure light. It is the beneficial physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects that people most appreciate from Scalar Light.

Is there anything special I have to do during the Scalar Light sessions?

No! It is best to continue getting on with your everyday life. Nothing about Scalar Light can disrupt your daily life or impact how you do things. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, Scalar Light energy will reach you, and your body will know what to do. The only advice we would offer is to ensure that you are properly hydrated during the Scalar Light sessions (and beyond!). Many of us are dehydrated without even realising. This is especially important when we are encouraging the body to heal or trying to eliminate toxins. It can help to boost your fluid intake by consuming water-rich foods. Check out the following helpful sources for increasing hydration through food:


List of High Water Content Fruits and Vegetables

Foods That Help When Dehydrated

Symptoms of Dehydration

Girl is hydrating while on a Scalar Light Program

Hydrating When You
Take Scalar Sessions

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