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I have been experiencing the Female Hormone Program for twenty-eight days, and I have noticed less hair fall and I seem to be feeling cooler(less hot flashes)during the day and at night. Thank-You Tom for Scalar Light!

At age 55 years old I lost my sexual drive. My testosterone levels were very low
and I assumed it was normal. I thought I should at least try the Hormone Balance
program to see if it could help. I didn’t feel any changes until my 4th month. I
suddenly became alive and feeling more youthful down below. I am 70 years old,
so it was a big surprise for my wife and myself. I was curious to see what could
have changed and tests showed my testosterone levels had jumped dramatically.
Thank-you, Scalar light.

This is actually a review for someone in prison. I gave her the free hormone program that I was given in the Month of December. She called me a couple of days ago and was like over the moon happy. She said she feels normal and she feels lighter. She is able to feel loved and she is letting go of past traumas and forgiving those who wronged her in the past. She is social and not staying in her bed. She is loving and open. I can’t believe her transformation. I did the Addiction cleanse for her in duration of 5 months. I also did the free natural foods for her and it literally turned all her negative blood work (cholesterol, insulin, hormone, etc) into positive. The doctor called her over the intercom to tell her and tell all the other inmates he was not sure what she has done but she COMPLETELY reversed all of her blood work and hormone levels. She was his star patient. I am blown away!! She is a true testimony to how the scalar energy can save a person’s life and I mean literally!

I would like to start by saying how amazing each one of these therapies are. Each one is beneficial in its own way. So far I have completed 15 days of scalar and 30 days of male hormone. My attitude, sleep, attention span, appetite and all around day to day routines have improved tremendously. Tomorrow I’ll be starting the chemical detox and as someone who has struggled with addiction for 5 years I couldn’t be more excited to move onto the next chapter of my life. I pray that everyone acquires the knowledge and resources to better themselves. This therapy will change your life like it has mine. Thank you again to Tom and all of his wonderful assistants. Much love from New York & Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Eating only salads and natural food to align with your treatment. Teddy’ my Beagle’s skin condition is better. Will report again as time goes on. THANK YOU


The most peculiar thing I notice during this program is a sustained sweet taste in the mouth. Certainly very pleasant and it is not like after eating chocolate or ice cream. I attribute It to this hormone complex update. As if divine néctar of feminine energy ?? WoW!!!

I did the FHT for over a year and my blood levels improved better then with bio-identical Hormone creams.
A month ago I stopped because I tried something else and since some days I have difficulties to fall asleep and stay asleep and I am feeling nervous and shaky lke I remember feeling before scalar sessions.
So I am starting again and feeling very grateful forit!
Also the Herpes virus is gone since I did the regular scalar sessions 2 years ago!
Thank you so much Tom !!

Dear Tom, I was a bit hesitant to review the hormone program, since there are a couple of things going on in my body at the moment and I wanted to be sure and accurate in what to write. In terms of female hormones after your program it was the first time in years that my period came after 28 days instead of 26 or 25. Also I had had almost no pms symptoms and the whole period was a much lighter experience than was usual before. I am looking forward to seeing how this coming month will go. But so far I am definitely seeing results and I can warmly recommend this beautiful healing modality.

Thank you Tom! The Female Hormone Therapy shifted my energy into a much more receptive feminine energy which allowed me to live more presently in my Being. It released long-term stress that was held in my body which prevented more of a natural flow. I also know that two male friends who have tried the Male Hormone Therapy were able to take action in their lives with more clarity focusing on results. I highly recommend these Hormone Therapies who want to help live more fully and happily in their physical gender.kyou

i definitely feel better. my body seems to be functioning faster and healthier. unfortunately i started three things at the same time so im not sure if its due to the combo which is most likely, as every aspect of my body is firing perfectly. i feel much younger like 5 -10years. i began this, hemp protein and super you moon juice herbs. the combo of the three is a must do. i feel a re-set to my system. so grateful. mahalo nui loa

I’m feeling more balanced and with less hot flashes…thank you!


I’ve suffered from debilitating pain during ovulation and extreme pre-menstrual imbalance for years. I had neither this month! My life just became so much easier as I felt so much more even and upbeat, too! Thank you Tom!!!!!

I definitely have more energy and feel more balanced.

I have been on the Female Hormone Program since October 2018. At the time of enrolling, my AMH (Antimullerian Hormone) was low — 0.672. Western endocrinology considers AMH to be a level that will not improve over time, as it indicates a woman’s egg count and diminishes with age. After receiving Scalar Hormone Therapy for several months, the new number is 1.04, which is within the normal range. Amazing!


Go to bed with less pain every day waking up with no discomforts or pain. Thank you.

I am feeling better in myself.

Hi Tom – I am definitely sleeping better. It has been a noticeable change for me – THANK YOU!

I was experiencing an intensive hair loss for few months. Hair was everywhere: on the chair, in the car, bathroom, especially after washing my hair. During the second week of the treatment I noticed less hair falling off and less on my hair brush. The process has significantly slowed down, and the hair now is soft, almost like renewed. Also my sinuses are clearing, and no more frequent visits to the toilet after each cup of tea! Thank you so much for letting me on this trial, it’s hugely beneficial.

This is amazing my skin is much more toned over my whole body. I have no cravings anymore lost the blowded looking and my pre menstrual headage is gone.
I am very grateful.
Thank you so much.

I first of all wish to thank You ???? for your wonderful work and help Tom
I have been shocked to find that the restless leg problems that I have been suffering with for the last 2/3 seems to have stopped and in turn I have been able to sleep deeply for the first time since it started
What more can I say!!! Thank you so much !


I must say, I’ve noticed a new energy and for sure a great difference in my moods as well. Thank you I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a kick!


After one week of treatment, I’ve noticed an improvement in my general well-being.


So many thanx & blessings to u and staff for these wonderful gifts of Health-Fat & Hormone Therapy, anyone who has suffered thru’ Menopause truly knows the depth of my Gratitude, Christmas in August! Namaste, DW

I am experiencing more energy increased strength at the gym a more calmer atitude

This is my 5th week I do notice more energy better quality of spleep.

Thank you Tom this therapy has helped me eliminate sugar, has helped Candida plus other female related low estrogen problems!! WoW

I do feel more energy and I don’t seem to need as much spleep .

I have noticed a change in my appetite, plus since I have started this process of hormone therapy, I’ve noticed that am more sensitive to heat exhaustion and a ears infection that seems to act up when the weather is hot…. I will continue to monitor my health and see if there is any changes.

Addition of the hormone therapy to the standard and ENT has helped me to be more emotionally stable, however ,so far there has been no change in the hot flash activity. It.s just minor as I am also taking bio-identical hormones. My sinus issues have gotten worse, but the pollen count is high.

Thank you all, so far not much changes that i have notice. but will keep you all posted . 🙂 Be well.

I have diabetes. On the first day of treatment my blood sugar was lower than it has been in a few years. Unfortunately it went right back on the 2nd day and has stayed there since.

Hi Tom, a short note to let you know that the hormone therapy has made a big difference for me. I have found within the first week of the treatment a lot more energy, with still lots of gas in the tank in the evening. I, therefore, have been more clear and alert in the evening.

Thanks, Tom! I will keep you informed in the next few months
*Kind regards, Norm.*


Hi,I started the hormone treatment two weeks ago.
I would say I have noticed a increase in my drive and I am back to weight training and feeling positive
about myself.



Just finished the 30-day trial of FHT. I am 82 years, so it is essential for me to have the hormones. I could really tell the difference. It felt gentle, but effective. I am grateful for these 30 days of being more relaxed, sleeping better and pain free for the first time in many years. Thank you.


The fht works wonders and I am thankful to Tom! My skin is radiant abd glowing. People compliment me all the time now. I have also noticed that my mood is balanced and I do not get irritated before or during my period. The heavy bleeding has stopped as well. I have subscribed to the recurring fht and live it!