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I have been on the Nutritional Food Program for over 3 months and wasn’t sure I
needed it since I eat organic balanced dense whole foods. I have a device that
measures the levels of vitamins & minerals in my body. Some elements were
lower than they should be in spite of eating well. A retest at 90 days, showed all
less than optimal levels had improved. Somehow my cells must be getting the
missing nutrients I needed Thank-you, Scalar light.

I love your Standard Treatments, but honestly did not feel much results from this…may be that I eat mostly healthy to begin with.

Noted I was not as hungry and did not feel the need for as much sweet stuff in the first week. Did not feel or note as much after but that is not to say things were not happening.

Thank you Tom , i’ve had no cravings absolutely for any sugar or any unhealthy foods it’s been wonderful and I’ve lost 4 1/2 pounds God bless you Tom.


Eating only salads and natural food to align with your treatment. Teddy’ my Beagle’s skin condition is better. Will report again as time goes on. THANK YOU


My daughter usually gets one or two sets of illness during winter that involves her catching cough which normally causes her to have breathing problems and asthma attacks. After only couple of days of Natural Foods program there was unfortunate event at school where they ignored her needs to be wrapped up in winter even if exercising and she fell ill. Her throat hurt then it went onto nasty cough. I was expecting temperature and asthma however this time there was no temperature. My daughter just felt tired and preferred to rest. Coughing was not persistent and she did not had an asthma attack. She got a bit of asthma breezing however we managed to be ok without an inhaler. Which was unusually amazing. I also gave her a very good vegan vitamins however she did recover unusually fast and her illness was 5 days and from these 3 were where she felt unwell, other two I just made sure she was well onto her recovery. I do think this easier illness was due to her receiving scalar light treatments at the time of being unwell. Very impressed. Thank you.


I have a fungus infection on my lower abdomen that was misdiagnosed 3 years ago. My new GP who is also a dermatologist diagnosed it and prescribed anti-fungal cream 2 weeks ago and I saw her after that , she said she was surprised it is healing so fast. Must be the natural food. Plus I am feeling less hungry therefore losing some wt. I also has HSV on my lower back/sacral area for more that 35 years. I have been having scalar energy and actually the herpes outbreaks subsided–now I have folliculitis in the same area. My doc prescribed an antibiotic with steroid. Hopefully my skin will all heal up soon. I am very grateful for Scalar E. Thank you Tom Paladino

I really have stopped loosing my hair this month, such a life transformation! Also a do not need have something sweet in the evening like I used to. This is just wonderful. Thank you so much for this trial, really appreciate the benefits.

My 94 yr. old mom would wake in the morning saying she felt so tired. Since being on the program her energy level has greatly increased. She wakes rested and maintains higher level of energy all day. I also have a higher level of energy all day. It is near impossible to obtain the proper level of nutrition by eating food due to gmo and soil depletion. So appreciative!!! Thankyou

I feel much more energized to maintain more exercise. I am doing about twice what I had done before. I also feel like I am recovering faster.u.

I have used the trial Natural Foods for three weeks now. At the same time I have used several of the other trials programs. The clearest effect I have experienced is that I need less food then before. I also experience less hunger and no more of the unpleasent low blood sugar I had when too long time passed between meals. I also have an increased experience of physical and emotional wellbeing as well as joy.

Here was my experience my first week:

I noticed that I was stopping to think about what I was about to eat or should plan for meals. Then I remembered I was on your 30 day Natural Foods Treatment so I wasn’t intentionally looking for anything in terms of a result. I am 72 and have had to find my own way with food and weight loss since I was just short of 13. I was a flight attendant in the early days of glamour and one time they took me off a flight for 1/16th of a pound overweight.

Anyway, environment, age, stress – well, sometimes you really need to be led back to what is right for you or led forward to what is new and better for where you are. I enjoy my glass or two of wine at night and have found I naturally don’t require it in this past week. It’s a social and stress relaxant, and I am fond of the fragrance, body, subtle flavors, and art skill of the winemaker. But right now I don’t require it. Also, I have been in a happier place this week with more smiles and laughter. So this is my experience in the last week! I am loving it! Thank you!

Lyn Eckert


Unfortunately I didn’t feel any different for the entire four week period. I didn’t have an issue to start with maybe that was the problem.

I notice that I am forgetting to eat because I seldom feel very hungry. Consequently I have dropped some weight which is a bonus. The health of my nails are improving-since having hyperthyroid disease my nails have not been good due to splitting and ridges. thank you so much


Before the program I appeared stringy and undernourished, perhaps not all of my 60 years, but close. This week two different people have asked me how I’ve managed to stay looking “not even close” to my age. I’ve filled out, my skin is smoother and has some radiance again.

Bright, bright blessings on all your good work in this world,


The Natural Foods program made me feel really good starting day 1. I felt good energy and alert. I may do it again or probably combined with the regular scalar program. Thanks, Tom.

I am very happy with this program .I feel energized .Dont have to take all kinds of supplements or worry about getting enough different vegetables and fruits I am getting so much cellular energy nutrition my body is happy

1st time on this particular program.
With the herbs in this it helped me with digestion and indigestion. I had less cravings for savory snacks and lost a little weight. Meals were more filling, not as hungry between meals
Skin was a lot moister.

This was a wonderful experience, my body is refresh and lighter. Less hungry, sugar levels are healthy, lost 6 lbs. and i am eating healthy, I have cut out sweets. My spirit is lighter, and I am happier. I am taking less Insulin.
Thank you for allowing me this experience.

I have been much more diligent about my food choices during this time…eating more natural foods and feeling much healthier than ever.

My wife and I have enjoyed the free sessions the last one was natural foods. Our health is continually improving. My wife just finished and exam with very good results even though she had some issues for a while. They have disappeared. I’m doing well also not sure which treatment was best but they all were very beneficial! So much more I could say but most important is Thank You !


Tom and your sessions for the nutrition program were fabulous for me.

I live in Texas somewhere in the middle of a heat wave this has kept me going at my work and every day life with ease. Neil growth has been remarkable thyroid issues have dissipated so I think this is a fabulous program thank you


Woke up invigorated each morning, my energy level during this period has been through the ceiling. I highly recommend the natural food protocol.


I haven’t had teeth for 16 years so am very limited in what I eat. I take a lot of supplements, but have not had a need to take them for the past week.

I realized that I get thirsty more often and tends to drink more water than usual. My skin seems to be glowing as well. Thanks do much Tom??????

I noticed I felt to eat fruit & salads and I enjoyed these more than usual…also my skin on face looked healthier ??

It just so happened I started a live style diet change a few weeks prior to these Scalar Light treatments and was running low on energy. After 2 weeks, I am not hungry on this new diet and my energy level have increased. I contribute this to my diet, excercise and assistance with Scalar Light.

We’ve been on the nature foods secessions for a week. We are gaining our energy. I even climbed onto a stool, took all the curtains down, washed them, hung them out to dry, got them back in and hung good half of them back up within 24 hour period. Ray goes to the suctions most of the time now. His moods are more stable and we are enjoying how we feel. Thank you for what you do.
Ray & Nancy

I feel great this is something I will consider getting in November and winter months when fruits & vegetables are not as fresh! Thank you!

I just completed the Natural Foods 30 day free trial and I must say I am a firm believer of this scaler energy. Just as others have reported, I experienced a decreased appetite, increase in energy, digestion is better, been able to handle stress a lot better and clearing of some acne issues. I had a friend try it 2 weeks after I started and she has reported positive results as well. I will continue with purchasing the Standard Scaler Sessions. Thank you.

We are not as hungry with these sessions. Our foods are more satisfying when we eat. There are fewer times we are hungry for something, but not knowing what we’re hungry for. Thank you for this amazing nutrition transfer.
Ray & Nancy

Hi Tom. Week one was amazing, I felt more energetic and excited about this treatment. Now on week two, I have been sneezi g uncontrollably with severe post nasal drip. I usually don’t have allergies and have not had a flare up like this in over twenty years. Is it possible yo have a reaction to some of the foods in the scalar treatment. Please help.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to try the Natural Food Therapy. The first thing I noticed was a decreased appetite and that was almost immediate. The next thing I noticed was an increased thirst for water and a diminished thirst for wine. I am going into my second week and am noticing a better attitude; not as much bothers me now. My dog, who is also on it, doesn’t eat as much as he did. He isn’t overweight at all, but seems to go to his dish less. Overall, I think we are both doing better and I am very grateful for the opportunity to try this. Thank you again.

Over the past three weeks I have noticed that my cravings are gone, my food choices have been healthier. But my anxiety level has increased, more so after eating certain foods or condiments. I have to figure out which. I am very picky about my foods, including junk foods. I am looking forward to it going away.

Week two of the Natural foods and I have reduced appetite and am learning to eat heAlthier too. Working toward weight loss to improve overall health blood sugar, energy, etc. I would like to thank you again for this trial it has made a difference in my overall wellness.

so far I’ve lost 5 pounds and I’m trying to see about my family and asking them how they feel since they know nothing about scalar light and energy and won’t understand what I’ve done for them by including their pictures for the trial but once I have more information I will submit and more detailed review

I was diagnosed as being hypoglycemic. since I have been on the natural foods therapy I have noticed that I havent had the need to eat every 4-6 hours. I normally have cold sweating, jittery, and the need to at least have a snickers or food. i also noticed my nails getting lighter as the thumb and index fingernails were darker. I still have the brown strips on the ring fingers though. all in all I like it. my daughter hasnt had bad headaches too so that’s a major plus.

I have been in the process of a sugar detox since the start of receiving this program, I don’t know if it’s coincidence but I have found this detox very easy!

Hi Tom. I must admit that I was skeptical regarding feeling the effects of the natural foods remotely. This past week I noticed that I had much more energy when I woke up and just felt good all day. I am inclined to believe that this is directly related to my treatments. Thank you for the great work you do.


So I want to firstly stress this review is for the sole purpose of providing my observations as I experience them over this 30day course. I’ve just finished week 1. And the biggest symptom is stomach cramps and the resulting actions. I have suffered digestive issues all my life the come and go without any medical findings. So it may be completely unrelated. However I just seem to ‘feel’ it is in fact my body detoxing and its thanks to these scalar sessions. I sense I am going to be pleased at the end of the trial. God knows my body needs the detox. Minor positives that indicate my positive prediction are my eyes are clearer, I am commited to increasing my water intake. I dont feel like alcohole as much. Nail cuticles whiter and brighter. I will be back next week to update. Thanks Tom.

Two weeks into the therapy and I notice a decrease in appetite. This is appreciated, Thank you.

I am half way through. I am not sure at this point.
My digestion may be improving. I have a chronic illness so many factors affect me and it is often hard for me to pinpoint cause and effect in my body.

Feel very calm , sleeping great, amazing energy & eating very little in comparison

Thank you for this opportunity for a free trial. I wasn’t aware that you did this and I’m happy to report that I have more energy. I am looking forward to seeing more results and buying more sessions after my free trial.

It’s early to say this however what became clear is how much calmer I felt at the beginning. Already a healthy food diet kind of person. Truly. But who can say even with organic food I am getting enough?! Oh Tom, you’ve done it again. Blessings Dear Man. I have no other news to report like less food intake, less cravings; there’s no junk food to curtail, none of that. Calmer is a big deal. Recommending this to all who do eat well anyhow. And for little ones whose parents might be at wits end with lack of proper nutrient intake. Best Wishes to all.


It’s always been very hard to make myself eat. During the first week of my natural nutrition program my third chakra has been opening up to nutrition, and I’ve been eating three times a day! Pretty soon I’ll have this 5’6″ frame back up over a hundred pounds. Thank you!!

I have had toe nail fungus for years and today when I looked at them it was almost gone!! I’m amazed and it’s only been 1 week so far. Looking forward to see what happens in the next 3 weeks.

This is amazing and I feel full eating less which has contributed to weight loss. I am also noticing my nails are stronger and I feel happier. Looks like Adi am getting all my nutrients, thank you! I will be enrolling in the recurring subscription for the natural foods.

II am certainly getting on a scalar program as soon as I finish the trials, I want to make sure I chose the best program for my immediate needs, wow I’m so happy for this technology and grateful to Tom for all his passionate work! Thank you, my life is getting better every day!

I believe in energy and in energy healing (I am a Reiki Master so use energy everyday to heal and bless). I’m using the Scalar treatments in addition to Reiki, meditation, herbs a better diet, etc. – at a recent 50 it was time to take my mind, body, and spirit back. I’m currently going through more of a detox phase but it’s gentle and yes, I’m lethargic right now, but I’ve seen definite detox signs. I definitely want to continue using Scalar to improve my health!

I have been on the nutrients therapy and I am amazed I feel less tired and not as hungry!
This is very exciting news!

I noticed a change in my appetite, I no longer crave sweet sugary stuff. Plus I prefer to drink a lot of water instead. Which is very good for me.

I have had this for four months now and my pain in liver area is about 90% better. I like this treatment. I also noticed a decrease in the ridges of my nails by about 50%. I was wanting to find a physiclal character of change so that iit is not all subjective ‘pain’ rating. My hair appears to be growing faster and with more color.

PS: I forgot to mention the most amazing little thing. On the first night of natural foods therapy, I had had a bad day. Despite that, I had the most vivid and beautiful dream that I was away on a luxurious tropical vacation. I was surrounded by clear, turquoise water and the most lush vegetation and colourful flowers. In the dream, I was very excited about going to dinner as the chef was preparing a stunning salad! I had a visual of this salad in my dream and I was so very excited about it. In real life, I eat salad, but I have never been excited about it. I woke up knowing the scalar energy had this effect on my subconscious…hopefully this salad excitement will transfer to my waking life.

So thank you for the whole foods that are doing my body good and thank you for the wonderful scalar vacation I could never afford to experience… was like Bora Bora on steroids.

Have you ever thought of some kind of scalar dream therapy? Imagine all the people in comas that could be given such beautiful dreams. I do believe this scalar magic is making me more creative…..the surprises just keep coming! Thank you!

Merry Christmas!


Hello Tom,
The Natural Foods Therapy for 30 days proved to me that I was literally starving.
Felt run down, depressed, no energy, mentally or physically. I went organic/gluten free since retiring over 15 years ago, will little improvement. As I sampled your free sessions, I began feeling better and better. I have been on a year cleansing program before I discovered your work; by the third week of the Natural Foods program, I began feeling a sense of wellness, with energy to go through the day, and sleeping better. What is really interesting is that I began releasing more very old material from the colon and particles, pieces of stuff from the urine, which began to get lighter and lighter…excretions that I monitor each day with my “SLOW-GO CLEANSE” … I discontinue most substances that I have been using while doing your work because I do not want to interfere with it, and now understand why you have your YEAR PACKAGE ON EACH THERAPY…It took a long time to ruin my health, and know that it will take a while to recoup completely, so…
Thank your Tom for the privilege of sampling your wonderful work! My goal is to save for a complete year of one of the Therapies, but now, I’m confused to which one is the most important one…because I received massive improvements from then all, and now know that they all rank a-#1-in-priority to do for the year’s program
I was wondering if you have ever put together, or would consider a package for 3, or 4 of the different therapies for a month?
With multiple Blessings for you/yours, your great staff, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New to y’all!

Hello! Hope you are doing well..I am using the Natural Foods Therapy and the Endorphin&Neurotransmitter Therapy.

I want to let you know that this first week I’m doing much better than I was before we started I was sick with a cold now I am over that my energy levels have climbed and a sense of well being is here for me..

I’m excited about this program and can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold! Thank you!


End of 4th week of Natural Foods: Great! I have experienced subtle changes in less stress, sleeping much better, eating less, peacefulness and more energy. Thank you so much.

Feeling more peaceful. Not as hungry. Most of the time, I don’t feel hungry until late in the day. I have had a slight increase in energy. I went out yesterday and raked leaves for several hours. I had not eaten anything, so I did lose some steam, but I kept going until I finished the job. I am 82 years and had not exercised for some months. Thank you. I am grateful.