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Interviews with Tom Paladino

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How is expert Tom Paladino illuminating light bulbs using a scalar light instrument that he himself engineered while using this method to heal the world? These light bulbs are not plugged into a wall socket and are NOT powered by electricity. Rather, the universal presence of scalar light serves as the animating force and Tom is available to share with your listeners how it all works. He can discuss:

  • How he is utilizing scalar light to provide quantum health benefits to people including eradicating germs, balancing the chakras and assembling nutrients.
  • How he uses photographs of people, animals and plants to communicate scalar light intelligence to the quantum body since a photograph represents the bi-located version and carries the quantum imprint of a person.
  • His mission and process and how he is providing free scalar energy to the world and to subsequently to end the energy crisis and power the world.
  • What is scalar light and how it is a divine energy source that benefits everyone, vivifying the Soul, mind and body and how he is tapping into accessing free energy to illuminate and heal?

He says, "Scalar light is free, clean energy from the Sun and the stars.
"I have discovered how to harness the free energy of the Sun and the stars by tapping into God's light."

The radio audience is invited to email their photograph for 15 days of free scalar light sessions.

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