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Bundle Savings

You may customize a Bundle Program for $ 199.00 / month. Your Bundle Program will include the Standardized Scalar Light sessions as well as three (3) additional, specialty programs. In total, the Bundle Program includes four (4) Scalar Light programs for $ 199.00 / month. You have the option to purchase the Bundle Program either as a single-month or a recurring subscription.

Click here to create your Bundle Discount Program.

Only one (1) person can subscribe for the Bundle Discount Program. The Bundle Discount Program can not be divided amongst a number of people.

Please contact our support desk for assistance with your Bundle Discount Progam: Support Team, USA 1-805-364-3051 / Outside of the USA 1-800-345-9851 or support@scalarlight.com.

The Bundle Program savings cannot be included with special offers or virtual group discounts. Must be originally priced subscriptions only

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